About Us

Goldman Consortium includes over two hundred Goldman Sachs alumni as its founder partners. We are also a parf of the Ivy Company and have access to over 4000 ivy alumni with diverse expertise.

Osman Niazi, Chairman

• An entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in Corporate Finance, Investments, Quant Finance, Medical Devices and Engineering.
• Founder of the Global Alumni of the Ivy League Network, membership of over 80,000 Ivy League alumni.
• Founder of the Goldman Consortium, a Consortium of over 120 Goldman Sachs active and alumni working together on projects.
• Founder of the Ivy Company, a Consortium of over 3400 Ivy League alumni and business with expertise in multiple industries.
• Predicted the Global Financial Credit crisis before anyone else at Wharton Partners.
• Worked at Goldman Sachs in Fixed Income Commodities and Currencies division as a Quant.
• Founding member of multiple Finance, Engineering and technology ventures
• Ivy League Magna Cum Laude Graduate with MSE and BSE degree in Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania
• Wharton Business School Magna Cum Laude Graduate in Finance

Project Affiliation and Organization and Ventures:
• Goldman Sachs & Co.
• Orthoclear Inc.
• Algotrek Technology Consulting
• Cubesly.com
• Ivy Digital Dental Systems
• Ivy Energy
• Ivy Engineering
• The Goldman Consortium
• Alumni of the Ivy League
• The Ivy Company


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